Exploring France

A few years ago I spent a week photographing all the major sites in Paris and until my recent trip, that had been the extent of my travels in France. On this recent trip we also spent a week in Paris, but then we rented a car and started exploring. Valerie had spent months researching, the 3 areas that we had decided to explore were Normandy, Brittany and the Loire Valley. Travel in Europe is completely different than in North America, or for that matter most of the world. In Europe you don’t have to travel far before you’re in the next town/city/country or dramatically different looking scenery.  Which for serious photography means that you have to slow down and see what’s there and not race through it like you were on bus tour.

Despite our slowed down pace there were many towns and areas that we didn’t get to see, even though it was a small region of France that we were exploring. But what we did see and experience was marvelous, not to mention the food and the wine!

It will be a while before I start processing the files from this trip, currently I’m working on the images from New York City at Christmas. As well I’m working on the not so exciting job of replacing the fence in the backyard.

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