New Blog Series – Tips and Techniques

I will be starting a new blog series next week with tutorials and tips. My goal for this series is to help you make better pictures, technically and creatively.  The topics that I will try to cover will range from technical  how-tos to tip-oriented articles, basics and advanced techniques.

I will also be answering a few of your questions, so if you have any – NOW  is the time to ASK!  In the meantime if you are looking for any answers try here about  “ASK GARRY” , it’s  a section on my web site I started years ago, many years ago. There you will find some of the answers to questions that I have received from other photographers, ranging from which camera to buy to starting a career in photography.

One Response to “New Blog Series – Tips and Techniques”

  1. marilyse says:

    excellent idea! thanks