Ottawa Interclub Photo Competition 2011

Ottawa-Outaouais Interclub Photo Competition



Last Thursday evening  I judged the 2011 Ottawa-Outaouais Interclub Photo Competition along with fellow judges Elizabeth Lees and Dan Jones.  This is an annual competition where photographers from the 4 camera clubs in the Ottawa region can compete with one another. The membership between all of the  clubs is slightly over 600 members, so winning this competition is a pretty big deal.

The theme of this year’s Interclub Competition was “Reflections”.  On Tuesday (last night) all of the submitted photos were shown and the awards were presented to the winners, in a combined meeting with all 4 clubs in attendance.  Thanks go out to Pierre Gauthier and the host club for this year the RA Photo Club for putting together a fantastic evening.  Congratulations to all of the people who submitted photos for the competition!!!

2 Responses to “Ottawa Interclub Photo Competition 2011”

  1. … and thank you along with the other judges for your thoughtful (and entertaining) feedback

  2. David Pollard says:

    I’m still in shock – receiving the Best in Show award was beyond my wildest dreams and hasn’t really sunk in. My thanks to you and the other judges; given the number of excellent photos selecting the winners must have been a real challenge. And I agree with Mike, the feedback from the judges really made the evening.