Ottawa Photo Shoot Locations

I just wrote an article for the Camera Club of Ottawa about the importance of getting out and using your camera and how that will help in improving your photography. Another side benefit from it, is that by getting out you will find and explore many new locations for your photography. Since I have been photographing for a “few” years, I have discovered many great photo locations.

Quite often I am asked, where is a good spot for photography. Given that, and also that I heard this past weekend an Ottawa photographer and the couple that he was photographing were all given $95.00 tickets each for trespassing at an abandoned NCC barn off of March Road. Here’s a list of legal and excellent places for Wedding Ceremony Location Photos in the Ottawa region. These locations are also great for engagement and model photo shoots too!


  1. National Gallery of Canada
  2. Nepean Point Park and the Sunken Gallery behind the National Gallery
  3. Major’s Hill Park
  4. Locks next to Chateau Laurier
  5. Along the canal and under the “overpass” bridge across fro the Chateau Laurier
  6. In the market “Tin Court” around the Black Thorn Restaurant
  7. Around the Courtyard restaurant. Great place with lots of stone, sort of an old feeling.
  8. The stairs by the US Embassy and the area around there.
  9. Currency Museum Bank of Canada – good interior location as well.
  10. Tabaret Hall at the University of Ottawa
  11. Canadian Museum of Civilization
  12. Mooney’s Bay – little white arched bridges and Hog’s Back Falls
  13. Experimental Farm – Ornamental Gardens
  14. Experimental Farm – Arboretum
  15. Garden of Provinces – Wellington at Bay
  16. Graffiti wall at the corner of Bronson and Slater
  17. Graffiti wall Brewer park, across from CU – Bronson Bridge at Carleton
  18. The Grounds at Rideau Hall
  19. The Gazebo in Rockcliffe Park
  20. The Ruins at Mackenzie King Estate in Gatineau Park
  21. The Rockcliffe Rockeries

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