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In my previous post I was talking about photographers and their obsession with equipment and I said – “ Ignore all of the talk about equipment and just get out and take pictures”. Well the truth is that we do need equipment, whether it’s an iPhone or the newest Nikon or Canon DSLR. So, in order to give equal “air-time”  my next couple of posts will be about equipment.

It’s been a couple months since I started using Pocket Wizard Plus II’s Radio Slaves in the studio (Dynalite Flashes) and on location (Lumedyne Flashes) and even with my Canon 580 EXII flash in manual mode. I am thrilled with them!!! The only downside is the cost, at $200 per unit and you need at least two of these, it’s not cheap. But if you want serious no fail gear, then Pocket wizards are for you. These things really work! I have yet had a pocket wizard fail on me.  What I really like about them, is when shooting on location I can set my lights near the subject and get shoot from far away. I also like that they use  AA size batteries (I’m a huge fan of AA batteries – you can get them anywhere in the world).

For years, I have been using manual exposure for the flashes and the camera settings.  I have never really considered using auto with flashes, guess I am really Old School, but I am starting to rethink that. Now that I have discovered Hypersync! Take a look at this.

We will be using the Pocket Wizard Plus II’s on the next Model Photo Shoot Workshop

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  1. I have just recently been introduced to the wonderful world of PWs and there is no turning back!