Pot of Flowers

Santorini - Greece

Greece Photography Workshops


I’ve heard that there is a the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. In Santorini there is a pot of flowers at the top of the stairs!



One Response to “Pot of Flowers”

  1. Richard Smith says:

    Ah, Greece. Just love the way the curve of the closest guard rail leads the eye to the flower pot. Not to say that the eye can easily follow the other rail back down but the pebbled stairs just seem to want to tease the eye and hold it for a while. And, having been teased the eye follows the rail back down to a point where it picks up the blue of the sky and admires the contrast between the stairs and the sky.

    Reminds me of Santorini. And, for some reason Celine was singing The Power Of Love. Anybody care for a donkey ride?