What Music Do You Listen To?

Sarah Brightman

Neil Diamond

This weekend we went to 2 concerts, Sarah Brightman on Friday night and Neil Diamond on Sunday. Two very different artists and different styles, but I like both of them. I listen to their music and a huge variety of others while I’m at the computer processing and working on images. Most photographers that I know do the same thing, I’m not sure if for them it’s just background music or if it’s some form of inspiration. I think that for myself it just tends to be background music, in fact quite often I’ll hit the repeat button and listen to one song over and over again for an hour or more. Another photographer that I was speaking to happens to do the same thing, she was glad to hear that she isn’t the only crazy one. I’m sure most people have listened to a favourite song repeatedly, but something that I’ve never heard of happened at Neil Diamond’s concert. The crowd went so crazy for “Sweet Caroline” that he actually sang it twice in a row.

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