BTS – Fitness Photo Shoot Workshop

This past weekend I was teaching a Fitness Model/Lighting Photo Shoot Workshop in my studio in Ottawa. This a final photo from one of the lighting setups with Audrey who was one of the models.


Below is the Behind The Scenes photo of this shot and some of the equipment that was used in creating it. Let me know if you have any questions!


#1 DIY Sandbag

#2 Manfrotto 052 Light Stand (discontinued) – Replacement 1004BAC Light Stand

#3 Plume Wafer 100 Softbox – Main light

#4 V-Flats (Lightform)

#5 Manfrotto 170 Mini-poles – using 4 of these – two are holding the V-flats and two for the background lights

#6 White seamless paper 9ft. – 2.71m

#7 Manfrotto 032 Autopoles + 044 Background Paper clamps/Hooks + 046MC Metal Chain Expan Set

#8 White Tile Board (Home Depot)

#9 Lastolite Collapsible Urban Background (not being used) and Holly who was one of the other models (taking a break)

#10 Floor mat – Audrey was fighting off a cold so we tried to keep her feet off the cold floor.

5 Responses to “BTS – Fitness Photo Shoot Workshop”

  1. Keith Locke says:

    Gary it’s surprising what you can produce in such a limited space, well done on the brilliant results.

  2. GB says:

    Thank you Keith. So many people think that you need to have a huge space for a studio. There are some things that I am limited in doing, but for the most part, I can well get great results just from for shooting in my small space. Which is great for the workshop participants, it shows them that they can do exactly the same at home.

  3. Casie says:

    I wish I could take one of your workshops. I love your photos!!!!

  4. Andrew Thompson says:

    I am really looking forward to more posts in this series. I love seeing behind the scenes photos, it gives me a much better idea of how and where everything is set up. It’s amazing to see what the setup actually looks like.

  5. GB says:

    Casie plan a trip to Ottawa!

    Andrew, thank you. I think this series of Behind The Scenes from my photo shoots will help a lot of photographers.