BTS – Fresh Coat of Paint

Earlier this week I removed a large bookcase and some panel storage board along one of the walls in the studio in order to try and get a little more shooting space. I plastered over some holes that were in the drywall and then gave the entire wall a new coat of white coat.  For those of you who wanted to see more of the studio and some the equipment that I use, here’s a look inside the studio and the freshly painted wall.

Garry Black's Photo Studio

Garry Black’s Photo Studio

#1 Freshly painted white wall

#2 Hardwood floor

#3 White tile board

#4 Black tile floor (this is the actual floor in the studio)

#5 Dynalite 1000 W Power Packs

#6 Dynalite Flash Head

#7 Einstein E640 Flash

#8 Pocket Wizard Plus X – Wireless transmitter and receiver

#9 Manfrotto #052 Light Stands (discontinued) – Replacement 1004BAC Light Stand

#10 Manfrotto 032 Autopoles + 044 Background Paper clamps/Hooks + 046MC Metal Chain Expan Set

#11 Manfrotto 170 Mini-pole

#12 Manfrotto Light Stands – Various Sizes

#13 Plume Wafer 100 Softbox

#14 V-Flat (Lightform) held by a Manfrotto 170 Mini-pole

#15 Lastolite Collapsible Urban Background

#16 Painted Backgrounds and 9ft rolls of seamless paper

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  1. Keith Locke says:

    It’s really great to see your studio work area. The miracle is the space you create around the terrific images that you produce, the sign of a true master of his art.

    Best wishes,


    Ignore my rubbish web site,it’s a slow work in progress.