Christmas Concert

One of the best performances that I’ve attended this year, if not ever, was the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas concert. Their music is a blend of rock and classical and their light show is just incredible. For a photographer and I suppose everyone in the audience it was visually spectacular and a sensory overload.  The lighting design is very unique. There’s lighting all over and around the stage including banks of lights that are suspended on independently moving tresses above the stage, lasers, fog and snow machines, with fire and fireworks at the end of the show. What is even an added bonus for their show, is that you’re allowed to take photos (not with pro cameras – but P&S is OK). I wasn’t aware that photos are allowed before going to the show, but fortunately Val had her camera with her, so I snapped a few shots. This is in such sharp contrast to most concerts, where NO PHOTOS are allowed. The worst had to be the Celine Dion “A New Day” show that I saw this past October in Las Vegas , where everyone had to go through metal detectors. Every camera, video and cell phone etc had to be handed over to security and was returned at the end of the show.

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