Guest Article – Michael Orton

Sharing one of his photos and a story this week is Michael Orton. Michael is the photographer who back in the 80’s invented the technique of sandwiching 2 pieces of overexposed slide film together to create an impressionistic, soft dreamy image. These artistic images are called Orton Imagery or Dreamscapes. This technique can also be created using layers in Photoshop. Michael is an incredibly talented and creative photographer and I’m very happy that for his photo/story he has chosen a visually stunning composition which isn’t an “Orton”. He and his wife Mary live on Vancouver Island, they enjoying travelling and photography but they especially enjoy visits from their children and grandchildren.  I highly recommend his book  Photographing Creative Landscapes it is number one on my list of “must have” books.

Canola and Single Cloud

Like most photographers, I have a list of those places that were a unique experience, filed away in my head. It only takes a short while looking at past images to bring back vivid memories and visions, and often prompt me to want to revisit an area. This image is from my top 20 list of places every landscape photographer should see at least once. Why, well it is simply unlike any other place. The time I enjoy here is the spring, and then the fall as a second time. In late spring the rolling fields  appear as huge rolling waves of vibrant varying hues of green. As far as the eye can see they undulate to the horizons. And if you are lucky enough to be there for the Canola bloom (I think that is what it is called) in June, the blend of blue skies, white clouds, vibrant yellows and greens doesn’t get any better. I use a warming polarizer under full sun skies, with a medium wide angle for large vistas and a telephoto for selecting abstracts, like the one shown here. Small roads intersect the landscape so it is easy to find a quiet moment standing amidst this truly inspiring landscape. For those that haven’t guessed, this is the Palouse region of Eastern Washington State. When will Mary and I be revisiting? This spring, and this time we will take our bikes and do some rides through the backroads. Go see this place!

by Michael Orton

One Response to “Guest Article – Michael Orton”

  1. Richard Smith says:

    Michael`s image of the rolling fields reminds me of images I and others have made in Prince Edward Island. I recall that Garry said the images reminded him of an Italian photographer named Franco Fontana.

    For my part I am grateful that Michael created and gave to the photographic world the Orton. There are moments when my pulse quickens as I realize I have found a situation that lends itself to becoming an Orton.

    Thank you Michael.