In the Park



Around 10 years ago in the park at the end of our street I met a neighbourhood teen-aged girl and her father. He was teaching her the basics of how to use a (film) camera. We chatted about photography for a little while, well Okay for a long time.

Fast forward 10 years to this past December when at the Christmas lights on Parliament Hill photo shoot I met up again with that same girl, who is now a young woman.  I hadn’t seen her since we had met at the park so many years ago. Over the years she really hadn’t had the time to be serious about her photography and the only photographs that she had recently been taking were with her cell phone (not that there is anything wrong with that). Then about a year ago, she decided she wanted to get back into photography. She bought a DSLR  camera and lens, filters, extra battery, tripod and after much research she also recently bought a camera bag.

The camera bag that she ended up buying was a Tamrac Evolution 8 Backpack. Which is a really good choice for a bag, but the strange thing about all of this is, that I also recently got the same bag. Except, that mine is black and hers’ is the brown one. It got me thinking, wouldn’t it be interesting to find out why she chose exactly the same bag as I did. You would think that our needs for a bag would be completely polar. I mentioned the idea to her about writing an article about the bag and why both of us chose it and what we liked and disliked about it. She thought is was a great idea too, so this past Saturday we got together and went over all of the good and bad points of the bag and what made both us chose this bag over all of the others that are available.

The good news is that I have lots and lots of notes about the bag. The bad news is, you are going to have to wait just a wee bit more until I have a chance to write the article. Right now, Val and I are getting all of the reservations in place and everything organized for the Scotland Photo Tour.


BTW – The little girl in the photo was playing hide and seek with her friends.

7 Responses to “In the Park”

  1. Donna V says:

    Love this post. Talk about Pay-it-Forward! Garry your generosity with your time and knowledge is to be commended.

  2. Julia Wilson says:

    Looking forward to reading the review, I have been thinking about getting a new bag and can’t decide between the tamrac and the Lowepro. Please send me the information on the Scotland trip too.

  3. Steven M says:

    What an inspiring story. The information you offer on your site has helped me greatly to improve my photography.

  4. Lynn says:

    Cheers, Garry! I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on this.

  5. John Boyle says:

    Honesty is all that I ask for in a review. Good for you to ask one of your students to help you with this. Anxiously awaiting the review!

  6. Anne B says:

    You have my admiration for your generosity.

  7. James Sanderson says:

    I would be vey interested to know how many camera bags you own?