Lightsphere in the Studio

Studio Shoot with Gary Fong Lightsphere


After my success in using the Gary Fong Lightsphere on outdoor shoots, I decided to give it a try in the studio. I was shooting with the flash off camera, holding it high above my head in my my left hand and directed towards Virginie with the white dome in place. The effect it creates is very similar to a beauty dish. I like it!!!!

Studio Photo Shoot

Model: Virginie Bouchard
MUA: Bianca Scantland
Photographer: Garry Black

Lighting – Gary Fong Lightsphere + Canon 580EX II

Canon 5D MKII – Sigma 70-200 F2.8 @ 112mm F11 ISO 100

5 Responses to “Lightsphere in the Studio”

  1. George Hanna says:

    Stunning work and a stunning model.

  2. Judith L. says:

    Ooooooh I love this. I want to be your assistant!!!

  3. Jessica W. says:

    Virginie has the most beautiful eyes that I’ve ever seen. I would have never thought of using one of those Gary Fong things for fashion, always thought they were just for wedding photographers and honestly not that good. Guess I’ll have to rethink that now….love this lighting!!!!!!!

  4. Todd Spencer says:

    Amazing what you can do with just one light. Anytime that I have tried using my camera flash the pictures look terrible. Would you recommend the Gary Fong Lightsphere?


  5. Garry Black says:

    Hi Todd – yes I strongly recommend using the Lightsphere. In the past I had tried many different types and brands of light modifiers for my camera flash, I had disappointing results with all of them….some of them were better than others but I really wasn’t happy with any of them. Since I started using the Lightsphere I am convinced that this is the best light modifier for camera flash. I am currently using the Collapsible Lightshere more and more frequently even in the studio as demonstrated in this photo.

    My advice is that once you get the Lightsphere – Practice in as many different lighting situations and room types as possible.