Michael Orton

Michael Orton Technique

Compound camera motion while changing focus


Michael Orton has to be one of the most creative individuals that I know. Now while, everyone knows him as the creator of the “Orton Effect”, his creativity goes far beyond that! Last year he sent me a couple CD’s of music….his music, all of which he had composed and performed using a multi-track recording. He used a synthesizer (drums, strings, piano, horns, etc ) along with him playing an acoustic and electric guiter. On several of the tracks he also sang. I was pretty impressed.
In recent conversations with Michael he has been telling me about his “new” passion of working with camera motion (which he had used many times over the years), but not like this. He was now using compound movements, at times changing focus and focal length during the exposure as well. The blending of light and colours that was resulting is quite simply amazing. They are more visually exciting that any Orton imagery from years gone by.
Last week I received an email from Michael Orton, letting me know he had launched his redesigned web site. Be sure to watch the Slideshow presentations in which he combines his musical and photographic talent. The presentation “Earth Symphony” features the “Orton Effect” as it evolved and his latest work, “Freedom”.  They are just incredible!!!!!
Michael Orton Techique

Compound motion while changing focal length

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