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Multiple Exposures - 1986 Article


I first wrote about the technique of creating images using multiple exposures around twenty-five years ago.  The article was first published in the 2nd issue of the Canadian Nature and Outdoor Photography Magazine. The technique took off and is now used by photographers around the world, some photographers even put their own “spin” on it too. If you are a Canadian and wondering why you haven’t seen this magazine lately (or ever), well unfortunately the magazine didn’t fare as well as the technique did!

If you know something about multiple exposures you are probably looking at the cover image and saying “That’s not a multiple exposure”. You’re right, I always thought it was rather strange that they didn’t use a multiple exposure for the cover shot, instead they went with a slow shutter speed camera movement motion blur.  However, the other 3 photos accompanying the article were actual multiple exposures. 

If by chance you still shoot film the “How-To” is here . BTW – Shooting multiples is far easier using a digital camera compared to shooting them with film. If you own a high end Nikon camera it is extremely simple. Go into the shooting menu and set up multiple exposures to 10 with auto gain “ON” and shoot the 10 shots – wait a few seconds and the camera will create a multiple exposure image. As far as I know no other camera manufacturer makes a camera that is capable of taking multiple exposures. Don’t dispair if your camera can’t take multiple exposures, they are quite simple to create in Photoshop by using layers.

Multiple Exposures

Multiple Exposures

This past weekend I taught a Photo Impressionist Techniques Workshop, During this day long course we covered many different techniques, including how to create multiple exposures using Photoshop.  Suellen, who was one of the participant’s on this workshop has posted a few of her (incredible) images here.

Ottawa Impressionist Photo Workshop

Ottawa Impressionist Workshop


Ottawa Impressionist Photo Workshop

Impressionist Photography Workshop

Another day-long Photo Impressionist Workshop is scheduled for Saturday Oct 8th. Right now there is only one space available, email to register.

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