Varadero Cuba Model Photo Workshop

Cuba 2015 Model Photo Shoot

Cuba 2015 Model Photo Shoot

Varadero, Cuba, which has one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, attracts tourists from around the world.  We will be using the white sand beach, clear blue waters and resort greenery as the backdrop for our images on this week-long workshop.

This is a hands-on instructional workshop using natural light, flash and reflectors/diffusers to create outdoor portraits. The goal is to help you learn both the technical and creative techniques that will help you with the process of creating remarkable images outdoors on a location photo shoot.

Topics that we will cover:

• Lighting :  Natural Light, Flash and Reflector/Diffuser

• What to look for when making an image.

• Posing Techniques

• Lens Selection for Portraits

• Controlling Depth of Field – How to deal with backgrounds

• Selecting a location and background choice

• Post Processing Techniques during non-shooting times

We will be photographing in a number of different shooting locations at the beach and around the resort, using a variety of lighting set ups, such as: hard, soft, bounced, reflected, diffused light and flash fill.  During the week, there will also be an optional day trip to Havana for photography. Photographing in Havana is something that everyone really seems to want to do, so we might go there a couple times during the week.

I have four models booked for this workshop.  Each participant will have ample shooting time with each model.

If you have any questions, please send an email or call Garry at 613-824-1564.

Class size limited to 6 photographers

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