Winter Wallup

Winter Wallup

Canon 5D MKII - Sigma 24-70 F2.8 IF @58mm F9.0 1/100


On the news they were calling yesterday’s snow storm “Winter Wallup”. I might have called it Winter Wonderland! This is a Lilac bush in my backyard. The shutter speed was 1/100 sec which was slow enough to capture the streaks of theĀ falling snow.

3 Responses to “Winter Wallup”

  1. Luciana says:

    We were probably in the same mood of ‘winter wonderland’. I caught a somewhat similar image the other day, just outside our building. Love the winter in Ottawa! :)

  2. GB says:

    Luciana fantastic images! Looks like you are really enjoying Ottawa and winter.

  3. Christine C says:

    It does look like a Winter Wonderland! It’s nice that you didn’t have to drive anywhere in the storm to get any photos! You really do photograph in your own backyard!!!!