In The Blink Of An Eye

Statue on Roof Top of the Louvre Museum


Some things in life seem to take forever; like graduating from school, finding your soul-mate, working year after year so that you can finally retire. While other things in life can happen as fast as the blink of an eye. As photographers most of the images that we create are taken at just about the same as the speed of a blink of an eye. In fact, I remember when I was young I would go around creating an imaginary viewfinder with my fingers in a square shape in front of my eye. Then I would blink and simultaneously make a clicking sound as I took a real but intangible picture in my mind. I don’t do that anymore – honest! Well except for the intangible picture part, everything I shoot now is digital.

A week and a half ago my mother had a stroke, she survived it and is now recoverying. However in that blink of an eye when the stroke hit, her life changed forever. It’s difficult for me to believe that a woman who had been so extremely independent  for 80+ years, will now have to spend the rest of her life being watched and taken care of. Up until the stroke, she had been living alone, in the same house that she and my father had shared. He pasted away eleven years ago. In recent years my sister and I had been trying to get her to downsize and move into a smaller house, condo, apartment or retirement residence. Mom didn’t want to move and often said that “the only way I am going to leave this house is feet first”.  Well as the paramedics transported her to the hospital she did leave feet first.

From the overwhelming number of emails, messages and calls I have received, I am obviously not alone in this. So many families are affected by strokes and countless other medical issues. A good friend of mine always signs off her messages with “Carpe Diem”.  Since so many things in life happen as fast as the blink of an eye, and they are not always good things. I think that is a good philosophy for life! And keep on CLICKING!


5 Responses to “In The Blink Of An Eye”

  1. Kelli says:

    OH how scary! 1.5 yrs ago, we got the phone call in the middle of the night but didn’t hear the phone ringing. It was my dad calling to say mom had been admitted, she’s never gone to the hospital other than to give birth. Turns out her brain was bleeding. They never found out why, so it could happen again. And it did while she was having an angiogram. I remember how scared I was, how I kept thinking this is the woman that places it safe all. the. time. My dad is the crazy one.
    I hope your mom has many more healthy happy years!

  2. laura says:

    That was seriously super touching – so glad to hear she’s recovering!

  3. Richard Smith says:

    Hi Garry. Sorry to hear about your mother`s stroke. I must say that I respect her wishes and admire her desire for independance. No matter what we as children want and wish for our parents in the final analysis we must respect their wishes. It is good to know that she is recovering but the impact of the stroke will effect her life`s path from now on. She knows she has the support of you and your sister and will lean on both of you in the months ahead. But, that same spirit of independance she had prior to the stoke will buoy her up as she faces the next set of challenges.
    Reflecting back on my own mother whom I referred to as Proud Mary I must say were it not for Alsheimers she would never have given up her independance and her desire to be her own person. My thoughts and concerns go out to you and your sister. May the Force be with you.

    Carpe Diem

  4. Helen says:

    Blessings to you and family. Sending lots of prayers, please keep us posted, lots of love, Helen xx

  5. Richard Smith says:

    Garry. Was very pleased with the image you used of the statue on the roof of the Louvre. Such a stark silouette in the bottom left corner leading the eye upwards to the very mysterious cloud formation with the birds circling on high. Even the grainyness of the cloud formation adds to the mystery of the image.A wonderful image. As Dale would say: Good Shooting.