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I am deeply touched by the outpouring of support and well wishes that we have received in support of my mother, since having her stroke several weeks ago. She is recovering and is doing remarkable well right now, she has regained probably 90 – 95% of her abilities pre-stroke.  She had no stereotypical post-stroke symptoms such as paralysis or loss of any abilities. However during a CT scan it was discovered that she has had several micro strokes before this latest and larger stroke.  She is still in recovery at the Civic hospital and will be there until we can find a retirement residence for her. Valerie and I and my sister have been spending a lot of time researching all about retirement homes and visiting several of them.  With the help and advice of several of our friends we have become experts on these retirement residences in a very short time. We are hopeful that she will be heading to her new home in the near future!

Thank you to everyone for all of your help, concern and well wishes during the past couple of weeks. It has meant the world to us!





2 Responses to “Thank You!”

  1. Richard Smith says:

    Hi Garry.
    Lois and I have both been through what you and Val and your sister are going through. We`ve talked about what we might say to you. We concluded that in searching for a place for your mother you should think long term.By that we mean you should consider not just the immediate needs and benefits of a residence but also will such a place be able to help and assist her in the future should something happen.

    Some residences can only cope with those who can live independantly and are able to look after themselves. Whereas there are other residences that offer independant living but are also able to provide for residents that require some assistance or total care.Its reassuring to the family when they know that their mother or father can be looked after in one place no matter what comes up.

    Your mother will want to take some favourite things with her but you will also have to make arrangements regarding the sale of the house and all the other details that impact on you now. Please know that you are in our thoughts. We wish you all well. Carpe Diem Old Friend


  2. Barry says:

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