New Computer

This week I received a new desktop computer, although “desktop” isn’t exactly the word I would give to describe it. It’s physical size is actually 23″x23″x9″ and weighs about 35lbs, it’s HUGE! I normally replace my computers about every 3 years, and monitors every 5 years.

 This one is a Dell XPS 720 with a Intel Dual Core Processor (3.0 GHz, 4GB SDRAM, 2 Hard Drives 250GB and 160GB, 256MB Video Card running on Windows XP). I’ve used Dell XPS computers for the past 10 years, and would highly recommend them to anyone. Over the years I have had a few problems with the computers (components) and Dell has always resolved these problems quickly. This fall I purchased a Vostro 1500 laptop from them and I’ve also purchased my LaCie 500GB External Hard Drives from them (they have them on sale quite often).

The downside to getting a new computer is setting it up. Not the physical setting up of it but rather loading and installing all the software, entering serial numbers, setting preferences, transferring of files and this is usually the time when I try to reorganize all of those files. Every time I get a new computer, I can count on it taking me about 3 days to get everything set up and running just right. I don’t know if it’s just me or does everyone takes that long?

Now I can get back to work, processing my backlog of images.

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