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Photoshop tutorials
I am no longer conducting my group Photoshop classes. I found that in these classes every one’s interest and skill level were all over the place. In all honesty, I think teaching a group isn’t the most effective way to teach or learn Photoshop. No that is not to say that you won’t learn quite a few things, you will….. but you will probably forget more than you will remember.

I am however continuing the individual One-on-One Photoshop classes, these classes are very popular and I feel that they are a much better way for learning Photoshop. These courses are completely individualized to each student, that way you learn exactly what you need and want to know in Photoshop.

What I do think is an excellent way to learn the overall functions and techniques in Photoshop is the instructional videos at Lynda.com.  They are short, on average about 5 minutes each, you can play them over and over again. You can practice on your pictures or use the ones provided with the lessons. Two of my friends, Chris Orwig  and Deke McClelland  are both Photoshop instructors at Lynda.com. Their enthusiasm and knowledge is incredible!!!

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